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Technology Is Transforming The Restaurant Experience

The modern culinary scene is more than just about delectable dishes; it’s also about the seamless integration of innovative technology to enrich dining experiences. Restaurants are diving deep into tech solutions, redefining operations and guest interactions.

Where Restaurant Technology Is Used

Restaurant technology isn’t confined to the kitchen; it’s everywhere, elevating every aspect of the dining experience. Here’s how:

  • Self-Serve Kiosks: Allow diners to browse the menu, customize orders, and make payments, all at their own pace.
  • Digital Menu Boards: Dynamic digital menus offer the flexibility to easily update dishes, prices, and promotions, ensuring diners always have the latest offerings at their fingertips.
  • Kitchen Displays & Smart Equipment: Traditional paper orders are replaced by digital displays, and smart equipment ensures precision in every dish.
  • Advanced Audio Systems: Elevate dining with tailored playlists and acoustics, enhancing ambiance and promoting effortless conversations.

Expert Installation By TechOne Installers

Entrusting your restaurant’s technological needs with TechOne Installers means you’re choosing a partner that understands the nuances of the culinary industry.

Design Assistance: Every restaurant has its character, and we tailor tech solutions to amplify your unique brand identity and operational needs.

Project Management: We champion precision. From integration to execution, every tech aspect is overseen meticulously, ensuring seamless operations.

Expert Installation: Our dedicated team ensures that each technological component, from self-service kiosks to digital menu systems, is optimized for your restaurant’s success.

Maintenance & Support: Our commitment doesn’t end post-installation. We provide regular checks and dedicated support to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Holistic Approach: We delve deeper, understanding customer preferences, operational needs, and emerging tech trends, making sure your restaurant remains a front-runner.

Choosing TechOne Installers means you’re gearing up for a dining revolution, enhancing your brand’s reputation and ensuring unforgettable experiences for your patrons.

  • Our 25+ Year History

    For over 25 years, Sheldon has honed his skills across numerous high-profile corporations and low voltage businesses in both California and Michigan.
    In 2000, armed with a vision for unparalleled service, Sheldon set up his own technology installation business called BTC, in Michigan. As business thrived and circumstances shifted due to economic factors and rising fuel costs, he strategically relocated the company to a
    central location – Central Ohio – to better cater to his expanding clientele.
    This company is now called TechOne Installers and is thriving like never before. Now, with a robust 32-year tenure in the low voltage service sector, TechOne Installers has evolved from a GPS installation service to a multifaceted installation provider, covering digital signage, Cat 6 Cabling, audio / visual, Security Cameras, Phone Cabling and Restaurant technology.
  • Our Mission

    At TechOne Installers, our mission is to consistently deliver swift, high-quality installations, ensuring timely solutions, unparalleled customer service, and getting the job done right the first time.

  • Our Vission

    We envision a world where businesses operate seamlessly with the latest technology, and we aim to lead this transformation, setting the gold standard for installation expertise and customer experience.


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