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The Backbone Of Communication 

High-speed CAT6 cabling is the lifeblood of modern businesses, paving the way for robust data transmission and ensuring the smooth functioning of wireless access points. Its versatility is evident, not just in its ability to enable swift data transmission, but also in its adaptability to various devices — from regular workstations and desks to contemporary TVs and a myriad of Internet of Things devices.

Where Is Cat 5/6 Cable Used

With the ever-increasing demand for fast and efficient data transfer, CAT6 cabling is making its mark in various settings:

  • Retail: Enhancing point of sale systems, inventory management, and customer service portals.
  • Offices: Ensuring stable, high-speed internet connectivity across all workstations.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Assisting in patient data management, telehealth services, and medical equipment integration.
  • Educational Institutions: Connects classrooms to digital learning platforms, powers research labs, and ensures campus-wide connectivity.
  • Restaurants: Powering reservation systems, digital menu boards, and online order platforms.
  • Industrial Complexes: Supporting machine-to-machine communication and automation.

Expert Installation By TechOne Installers

With TechOne Installers handling your CAT6 cabling needs, you’re not just investing in infrastructure; you’re investing in a future-ready enterprise.

  • Seamless Integration: TechOne Installers flawlessly meld CAT6 cabling into your existing network fabric, ensuring integration without disruption.
  • Comprehensive Service: From the inception involving racks and paths to the culmination at ports, our installation process offers a tailored, all-encompassing solution.
  • Networks Built for Tomorrow: We meticulously design with an eye on the future, ensuring your network isn’t just fit for today but is scalable for tomorrow’s demands.
  • A Synergistic Approach: Collaborating with your internal network team, we either sculpt new networks or enhance existing ones, ensuring alignment with your enterprise’s dynamic needs.
  • Aftercare & Support: Our engagement doesn’t conclude with the installation. We offer continuous support to ensure your CAT6 infrastructure remains top-tier.
  • Efficient Project Oversight: Each project, regardless of its scale, benefits from our expert project management, guaranteeing precision and punctuality.

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  • Our 25+ Year History

    For over 25 years, Sheldon has honed his skills across numerous high-profile corporations and low voltage businesses in both California and Michigan.
    In 2000, armed with a vision for unparalleled service, Sheldon set up his own technology installation business called BTC, in Michigan. As business thrived and circumstances shifted due to economic factors and rising fuel costs, he strategically relocated the company to a
    central location – Central Ohio – to better cater to his expanding clientele.
    This company is now called TechOne Installers and is thriving like never before. Now, with a robust 32-year tenure in the low voltage service sector, TechOne Installers has evolved from a GPS installation service to a multifaceted installation provider, covering digital signage, Cat 6 Cabling, audio / visual, Security Cameras, Phone Cabling and Restaurant technology.
  • Our Mission

    At TechOne Installers, our mission is to consistently deliver swift, high-quality installations, ensuring timely solutions, unparalleled customer service, and getting the job done right the first time.

  • Our Vission

    We envision a world where businesses operate seamlessly with the latest technology, and we aim to lead this transformation, setting the gold standard for installation expertise and customer experience.


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