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Drive Communication With Advanced Phone and Fax Systems

In today’s hyper-connected business environment, a robust and reliable phone system serves as the linchpin of smooth operations. Beyond just voice communication, modern phone and fax systems cater to a spectrum of business needs, integrating seamlessly with other tech infrastructure.

Where You've Seen Advance Phone and Fax Systems

In an era where digital communication seems to dominate, traditional phone and fax systems continue to evolve and hold their relevance. Their presence is felt across diverse sectors, such as:

  • Retail: Managing inventory, connecting branches, and assisting customers.
  • Corporate Office: Where timely communication is vital for decision-making.
  • Healthcare: For scheduling appointments, reaching out to patients, or internal coordination.
  • Educational Institutions: Connecting administrators, educators, parents, and students.
  • Hospitality: Facilitating bookings, catering to guest requests, and internal communications.
  • Government Agencies: Ensuring clear communication between departments, handling public queries, and maintaining transparency in operations.

Expert Installation By TechOne Installers

TechOne Installers are not just your average service provider; we’re your communication partner. Our expertise extends far beyond just setting up lines; we ensure that every phone and fax system we work on is primed for peak performance.

  • System Maintenance & Servicing: We are adept at maintaining both traditional and VoIP setups, ensuring that your systems stay up and running with minimal disruptions.
  • Expansion & Integration: As your business grows, we’re right there with you, integrating new lines smoothly into your existing network.
  • Transition Mastery: Switching from POTS to VoIP? Let our experts handle the intricacies, ensuring a seamless transition.
  • Swift Issue Resolution: We pride ourselves on quick, effective troubleshooting, getting you back on track in no time.
  • Line Integrity & Cabling: With our top-tier cabling services, from CAT3 to CAT6, and rigorous line integrity checks, we guarantee clear and consistent communication.
  • Paging & Announcements: Make sure every message is heard loud and clear with our expert maintenance and optimization of business paging systems.
  • Consultative Approach: Every successful project begins with understanding. Our complimentary site surveys ensure we tailor our solutions precisely to your needs.

Choosing TechOne Installers for your phone and fax system needs means trusting a team that’s as invested in your communication as you are. We don’t just install; we innovate, ensuring that every conversation, every fax, every announcement is crystal clear. Connect with us and elevate your communication today.

  • Our 25+ Year History

    For over 25 years, Sheldon has honed his skills across numerous high-profile corporations and low voltage businesses in both California and Michigan.
    In 2000, armed with a vision for unparalleled service, Sheldon set up his own technology installation business called BTC, in Michigan. As business thrived and circumstances shifted due to economic factors and rising fuel costs, he strategically relocated the company to a
    central location – Central Ohio – to better cater to his expanding clientele.
    This company is now called TechOne Installers and is thriving like never before. Now, with a robust 32-year tenure in the low voltage service sector, TechOne Installers has evolved from a GPS installation service to a multifaceted installation provider, covering digital signage, Cat 6 Cabling, audio / visual, Security Cameras, Phone Cabling and Restaurant technology.
  • Our Mission

    At TechOne Installers, our mission is to consistently deliver swift, high-quality installations, ensuring timely solutions, unparalleled customer service, and getting the job done right the first time.

  • Our Vission

    We envision a world where businesses operate seamlessly with the latest technology, and we aim to lead this transformation, setting the gold standard for installation expertise and customer experience.


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